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Ashes of Embers

Author: Ghreyfain

Latest Version: 27

Shortcut: http://www.pocketplane.net/aoe

Ashes of Embers is a collection of features originally intended as components of the Embers of Empires mod. Due to time constraints EoE has been put on hold, but the completed features have been released as a stand-alone package for BGII. It includes:

- Universal weapons for all classes
It doesn't make much sense that a cleric can't use a sword in combat, and a mage with 17 strength couldn't wield a two-handed sword. Strength and Dexterity requirements have been modified for all weapons.
Two added weapons; Katars and Bolas, using the dagger and sling proficiencies.
Spears can now be thrown.

- 7 added kits
This includes six of the nine cleric kits for the deities of EoE, and a fighter kit called the Pit Fighter.
NOTE: Armour restrictions for the clerics have not yet been implemented.

- Added Armour
Scale Mail, Banded Mail, and Field Plate have all been added.
You will find a merchant who sells them in Waukeen's Promenade, near the Ore Merchant.

- Two tweaked spells
I consider both Ironskin and Stoneskin to be cheesy. They have been nerfed to have a duration of 4 rounds.

- Wizard Slayer enhancement
Wizard Slayers will now have an 8% base MR, with a +4% Magic Resistance bonus per level. A level 3 Wizard Slayer would have 16% MR, for example.

TDD/CUSTOM KIT WARNING: Hard-coded limitations of the Infinity Engine restrict the game to 9 kits per class. The Darkest Day fills ALL available kit slots--do not add AoE's kits to a TDD game! If you have added kits through other means, be sure you do not exceed the 9 kit per class limit.

Mod Links
> Links

* AoE DL
AoE v27 .zip - Mirror 1
AoE v26 Mac - Mirror 1
AoE v27 readme - Click Here

* Forum
Click here

Mod News
> AoE version 26 appears in the night sky.

Cynics skeptical.  FBI tight-lipped.

Eyewitness reports from the scene are a bit jumbled at this point in time, but it is believed that the newest version of AoE includes some minor bug fixes.  Scientists speculate that these include:

  • Katars and Bolas are no longer missing their graphics
  • Fixed Kuo-toan bolts so they don't mung up installations
  • Monk proficiencies aren't out of order

The download links can be found here.
The forum can be found here.
The readme can be found here.

> The Version of AoE Formerly Known As AoE_v24 speaks in public!

The headline is far more exciting than the actual news.  Ashes of Embers has now reached version 25, which includes a french translation (still waiting on a German update of six lines or so!), and a bugfix in the autoinstaller for users of Win98SE.

The download page is here, and the forum is here.

> Ashes of Embers gets a Spanish update

Not much to this update unless you're Spanish.  All the strings in AoE have now been translated.  Expect a complete French translation for version 25.

Get it here.
The forums are here.

> Ashes of Embers version 23 is released.

This is a quick update that fixes the "Sensible Weapon Restrictions for Mods" component.  It now jives properly with the way newer versions of WeiDU handle 0-byte files.  Oh, and a bug with the Priest of Cathoun kit has been fixed.

The mod page.

The forum.

> Ashes of Embers is 22 yea--versions old!

That's right, the mishmash of tweaks and nerfs with the strange name have received yet another update.  This version contains the following features:

 - Documentation update
 - Placeholder file is now > 0 bytes
 - Sensible Weapons for Mods short bow bug fixed (BioWare did it! I swear!)
 - Wizard Slayer is capped at 72% Magic Resistance (Level 17)
 - Lowest level variants of Keldorn, Viconia, and Anomen now get
   appropriate weapons for their proficiencies

You can download it here, or visit the forum to discuss the mod.